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5 Ways to Measure Discipleship

The Problem Can we measure something spiritual? One of the hallmarks of a healthy church is that they have a clear path of discipleship. In other words, you must have a plan of action for people to take that results in a deeper relationship with Christ. One of the first…

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Keeping your Millennial Church Staff Happy

Much has been said recently about Millennials in the workplace. Although the oldest of the Millennial generation is now in their 30’s, younger Millennials are just graduating college and entering the workforce. If you don’t have any Millennials on staff yet, you will. If you are one of the fortunate…

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The Meaning of Life?

  1 Finding Your Purpose …on purpose Have you ever questioned why you are here? That’s the question all of humanity has been pondering since the beginning of history, isn’t it? What is this all about? What is the meaning of life? What part do I play in this whole…

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