WorkshopsYou’ve heard it before. In fact, you’ve probably used it in one of your sermons. “There is no such thing as a perfect church”. We all recognize this statement as being true, but we don’t often associate it with change in our own church. We could rephrase that statement by saying “Every church can improve”!

We know what it takes to navigate through everyday challenges in churches. To help you achieve your maximum effectiveness, we have designed a range of Performance Improvement Workshops to help you reach your goals. Let us help you make the necessary adjustments by leading a workshop for you! Our team is comprised of experienced and seasoned strategic planning pros that will help you plan, develop and set your strategy in motion.  Our experience and flexibility enables us to design a custom system to support your needs.  We meet you where you are in the process!

Our team of leadership Pros can get you more than you could ever hope for in one afternoon! Our customizable training will deliver visible results – guaranteed! Each workshop typically lasts 3 hours unless otherwise noted. Workshops can be combined into a customized training package, or offered as standalone training. When combined as a package, each workshop will typically cover one hour. Call today with any questions you may have, or to schedule a workshop for your staff or key leaders in your church! A few of the workshops that we offer are:

Strategic Planning – Our Principle Based Process promotes better engagement and ownership from your team to ensure that you’re operating at your maximum capabilities. Take Action Now… Your first step is to schedule a 30-minute interview with one of our Planning Pros to evaluate your current needs.

Executive Coaching – Expectations from your church are at an all-time high. You experience the pressure of ministry every day. It can be frustrating, especially if you are going it alone. We can help you recognize eternal perspectives and allow you to explore solutions that will ease frustration and help you have a healthier approach to ministry. Just as pro athletes refine and improve their performance by working with a coach; our coaches will give you the competitive edge essential to a growing ministry. Contact us to schedule your free 30-minute Exploration Call.

Leadership Development – Our Leadership Development Workshops are designed to align values and vision to maximize results and overall efficiency.  Our Leadership Pros help you to navigate the ever-changing landscape of today’s church. Our Leadership Development experiences are offered in both onsite one-day and multi-day sessions as well as our Leadership Excellence Off-Site Retreats.

The 4 Vitals of Great Leaders – This skill-based leadership development course will put you on the path to extraordinary results.
Learn the mindset, skillset, and toolset necessary to produce the highest satisfaction and greatest potential from yourself, your team and your organization.
During this innovative course, you will understand how the 4 Vitals framework solves persistent organizational and team issues and clears a focused path for sustainable results.
You will also participate in our Executive Summary Leadership Online Assessment, review your results and create an action plan to measure your progress.

Sustainable Growth – This skill-based organizational development course will open a direct path to sustainable growth and simplify your processes. The ability to set and achieve goals depends on the quality of the systems and processes used to complete them. Leaders attending this workshop will learn how to create exceptional processes using our proven 4-Building Foundations framework.

Teamwork – Great teams don’t just happen. They have to be built. Through the course of this training, you will learn the skill set behind building great teams. Learn the difference between a team and a committee. Using our proven activity-based training, we will explore each other’s strengths and learn how we each communicate a little differently. This course includes the DISC Assessment, StrengthsFinder Assessment, and (optional) Motivators Assessment.

Communication – “That’s not what I said!” The Art of being heard is a workshop designed to help you and / or your staff become better communicators. A large part of success in any capacity is determined by our ability to communicate effectively with others. Many times what we are trying to say isn’t heard the way we intended. During this one hour course, you will learn how to become an extraordinary communicator.

Eliminate Procrastination NOW! – National studies suggest that 40% of all people tend to procrastinate. During this one hour course, you will learn how to eliminate the urge to wait, break down projects into smaller actions, and understand the personal breakthrough when you take action now!

Leadership Between Generations – More than 60% of leaders say that they are experiencing tension between team members from different generations. In this course, you will discover how to:

  • Improve effective communications between the generations.
  • Increase the quality of results by leveraging the strengths of each generation.
  • Reduce the stress of conflict by using a coaching approach to work harmoniously with all age groups
  • Discover and manage frequent points of hostility.

By attending our Leadership Between Generations course you will identify critical differences in age groups and learn key strategies to build a more effective environment.

Leading Millennials – In this specialized training, we focus on leading the next generation of workers – the millennials. We will explore different leadership styles through the decades and how each style related to the generation of workers that it led. Focusing on what millennials expect from the church and from the workplace, we will dive into what it takes to lead this next generation of leaders.

Closing the Back Door – Did you know that your church had a back door? Not a physical one, but one that is not as prevalent as the front door. many churches have the illusion of growth because they see new people coming through the front door of their church every week. What is not as visible are the people who slip out the back door unnoticed and unseen. Closing this back door is the key to your churches growth. Until you learn how to retain those who come to check out your church, you cannot grow. In this workshop, we will investigate some technological tools as well as some practical steps that you can take to close the back door and retain more people.

Improving your Experience – What makes people get out of bed every week and attend church? A better question would be what makes people get out of bed every week and attend your church? People used to be driven by a sense of duty or obligation to attend church. That is not the case any longer. Christians no longer have an innate sense that church is vital to their Christianity. The age of the “dones” has arrived. With more and more people dropping out of church, how can your church not only continue to attract the people who now attend, but attract others who do not yet attend? The key is to ensure that the “experience” of attending your church is worth the time and effort of those who attend. Through some practical teaching, this workshop will address things like customer service, worship, the importance of children and youth and even landscaping! This one hour workshop will answer the question “why do people come to my church?” Get our free resource “Church Checklist” to see some of the topics discussed in this workshop.

Leading Leaders – Leading leaders is much different from leading followers. For one thing, it is more difficult in many ways. We have discovered through many years of working with churches and pastors that there is a common denominator in large churches that is not there in smaller churches: Pastors of larger churches lead leaders. Pastors of smaller churches tend to lead followers. In this interactive workshop, we will learn some of the key differences between leading leaders and leading followers. We will discover the secret to leading leaders and how to leverage that secret into church growth. Based on his book Leading DEEPER: Leading Leaders in the 21st Century, Tom’s training on this subject is invaluable for pastors. Gather a group of pastors in your area and expose them to this workshop!

Empowering Your Team – What does it mean to “empower” your team? In this one hour workshop, learn what empowerment is, and what it is not. We’ll explore how empowering your team is the key to innovation, loyalty, and productivity among your team. Discover how empowering your team unlocks the potential that is already there just waiting to break out and perform!

Attracting and Retaining Millennials – Millennials are members of the next generation who are already making inroads into the church. Unless your church is able to attract and retain younger people, chances are it will not survive much longer than the next 15-20 years. These young people are different in many ways from those of us who are over 35. The majority of them have dropped out of the church – even those who have a previous church background. In this workshop, we look at some of the reasons why millennials no longer attend church and explore some of the solutions that will help make your church attractive to them again.

Some of the workshops that are typically presented as packages include:
For Staff:
1. Teamwork
Improving Your Experience

2. Sustainable Growth
Closing the Backdoor
Improving Your Experience

For Pastors:

1. Strategic Planning
Leading Leaders
Empowering Your Team

2. Leadership Development
Leadership Between Generations
Leading Millennials

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