Teamwork workshop with staff / leadership

Teamwork is an often misunderstood but important facet of church staff. Many times, teams are built around personalities or title. Real teams are built around position. Not the position you hold within the organization, but around the position you hold on the team. Can you answer these questions about your team(s)?

1. How many people do I need on this team?
2. What is the purpose of the team?
3. What type(s) of people do I need on this team?
4. Are there any specific abilities I need for this team to be successful?

or, questions about the people on your team(s):

1. Why is this person important to the success of the team?
2. What specific or unique skill does he / she bring to the team?
3. If they were not on the team, would the team suffer?
4. How would the team suffer without this person?

We can help you answer these questions and more. Through our team building workshop, we’ll help you discover:

Why teams are important
Who you need on your team(s)
How to place the best people on the right team(s)
How to maximize the effort of each person and each team

Interested? Questions? Just complete the form below to contact us. There is no obligation. We guarantee that your team will function better and more efficiently after this workshop!

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